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PCB Design and Wire Harnessing
pcb design and assembly

If you are wondering which engineering and design company you need to reach your goals, look no further than MJS Designs.

MJS designs are known for their comprehensive understanding of all of the electrical processes including difficult soldering jobs such as electro-mechanical wire harness projects.

Electrical engineering involves many different procedures, as well as the latest technologies such as microchips and copper wiring, PCB assembly and wire harnessing techniques that are needed to create a sound working machine.

You can trust the professionals at MJS Designs to assemble and create your project the way you intended. They will follow your blueprint and your ideas to the letter. They may offer suggestions along the way as well if they know then what you were trying to achieve could violate safety standards or other standards of the industry. By sharing their top-level expertise on such matters, they can save you a lot of trouble and keep you compliant with the standards.

Choose Carefully

It is so important to choose your assembly team carefully at the front end so that you do not run into these issues along the way. You could end up with a huge backup and downtime in production because you did not think ahead.

You can never know what will go wrong with technology because the intricate systems that run them are so complicated. What you need to do is find a professional electrical engineering team who can foresee the problems ahead of time. This can save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Skilled engineering and design teams can see the potential issues and plan what to do to stop them before they happen or at least to make the repairs as quickly and conveniently as possible. This will keep you from experiencing too much downtime and keep your production flow going forward.

From Idea to Product

When it comes to creating new innovative technologies, you don’t have time to waste. You need to find an engineering team who will understand your challenges and can work with you and meet your timelines. Meticulous care must be given to the creation and engineering of each item at both the prototype end and the manufacturing and distribution output. Problems that occur must be troubleshot and solved before you get to the manufacturing and distribution stage.